EN 1090-2

Since 1 July 2014 the European regulation EN1090-2 stays in force. GCM is certified according to this new regulation as GCM stands for full traceability in engineering, production and installation.

EN 1090-2 looks at all the requirements that should be taken into account for the execution of structural steelwork. This includes structures and manufactured components produced from hot rolled, structural steels; cold-formed components and sheeting; hot finished and cold formed structural hollow sections, as well as austenitic-ferritic and ferritic stainless steel products. This standard’s specifications do not relate to the type and shape of the steel structure – for example buildings, bridges, plated or latticed components.

How does it work? EN 1090-2 starts by defining constituent products, such as steels, welding consumables and mechanical fasteners. It also looks at the preparation, welding, testing and erection of structural systems. Other topics include inspection and correction to ensure maximum levels of qualitycontrol. Have you chosen for GCM than you know reliability comes first!