Mollet Füllstandtechnik GmbH 
Mollet is producing all kinds of silo filling safety equipment like level and pressure indicators as well as pinch valves with connection device for tanker and swiveling device with detector for connection.
Including in this program are also hose connectors with detection for preventing failures in production.
Both food and non-food as well as Atex compliant execution are in this program.  
Disab Vacuüm Technology A.B. 
Disab is producing a wide range of centralized and mobile executed high vacuum system. These vacuum units are for cleaning the installations, floor and structures at the production lines and with the storage hall.
A full range of accessories for achieving this is available as well. We also supply and install the centralized duct work for this. Also this program is available in a different kind of executions, depending on the demand and related to the product. 
My Link Gratings 
MyLink is a supplier for fiber glass reinforced gratings. These gratings are both for platforms and protection screens besides installations where moving parts has to be protected.
These grating can be delivered in different type of resin types like the standard type Isophtalic Polyester (IFR-25), Vinylester for a better chemical resistance and Phenolic when the temperature is an issue.   
Also a mild steel hot dip galvanized and stainless steel modular handrailing system including all the accessories for this are available with this program. 
Stanelle GmbH
Stanelle is producer of a wide range of loading spouts, dedusting installations, steel silo’s, silo filling and unloading products.
Although the program looks like a very standardized delivery program the strength within Stanelle is that they are to be able for making these products also in custom made way.
Ingesoa S.A. 
Ingesoa is specialist in the delivery of components related to the silo unloading like aeraton pads. This program covers also a full program of airslides including all the accessories with this.
These products will be custom made produced and are in particular used in the cement industry, coal fired energy plants and aluminum industry.