GCM is driven for excellence when it is about health and safety by the principles: 

  • Every incident can to be avoided, whit the support of all of us. 
  • No health tread because of working in a dangerous environment is acceptable 
  • Health and safety and preventing environment issues are as much important like cost pricing, quality, productivity, and client support. 
  • Board and management will look for a safe working environment in our day to day business with our clients and will see for a continuously about this. All the resources will be given to achieve this.
  • Everyone working with GCM has to see that this work will be executed in a safe and responsible way. 

GCM’s goal is a working environment without any incidents!


The purpose of the Security Checklist Contractor is to work in a more secure way and as a result of this to reduce accidents.  Damages may occur in the security, healthcare and/or the care of the environment.  The VCA has as purpose to help the contractor in searching for weaknesses in its company processes to prevent these damages.  This has as a consequence that the contractor increases the continuity and saves on costs.  Companies with more than 35 collaborators and/or companies who act as a main contractor, have to fulfill the requirements of the VCA** certificate.

With a VCA* or VCA** certificate, a company proves its principals that security and the arbo legislation have a constant attention within the company management, this as well towards own collaborators as towards third parties.

Specifically for GCM, the VCA** certificate includes the following:
1. All operational responsibles possess a VCA certificate “security for operational leaders” delivered by the “Veiligheidsinstituut” in Antwerp.

2. All operational collaborators individually possess a certificate “basis security” delivered by the “Veiligheidsinstituut” in Antwerp.

3. All GCM collaborators attend a monthly meeting, leaded by a security specialist level 1.  During these meetings, the security measures to be taken on the field are teached and repeated by dialogues.

4. Before the start up of each yard, an evaluation on risks and prevention measures is made.  After that, the work circumstances, rest risks and the prevention measures to be taken are discussed together with the collaborators in a toolbox meeting.  The security measures are bundled in a report and each collaborator signs this report for approval and receives a copy of it.

5. All tools/machines are periodically controlled by AIB Vinçotte.  Defective materials are repaired immediately by GCM after which they will be controlled again.

6. All collaborators know the procedure of the reporting of dangerous situations.  This contains that the security coordinator will be informed immediately and will take the necessary security measures on the spot after evaluation.

7.  Both the security coordinator and the security engineer supervise the application of the general security norms every day.