Engineering department

Within the full service concept of GCM, Geodetics is the department ensuring:

  • the study department
  • the engineering
  • the project design

Geodetics is the first step in the development of your project.  Our engineers use their extensive know-how and project experience to design a tailor-made project for you from scratch.  All projects are developed with the most advanced software programs in 2 or 3 dimensional insights by this own engineering team.

Do you already have an elaborated plan and are you looking for a supplier to put your project into practice?

Our construction department doesn’t only work on internally developed plans, we also offer you our knowledge and professional skills to develop your constructions or machinery based on your drawings and plans.

GCM has its own study department, which allows us to offer a surplus value to our customers by thinking with the customer as from the first contact and in this way delivering an optimal result to our construction department.

Since GCM executes the total cycle of your project inhouse, we can guarantee an excellent interaction between our study department, the workfloor and our customers.  As from the first step, namely the study and engineering, until the final completion of the project, the total quality check is executed by our project leaders.

Within our study department, we use the most advanced software programmes such as:

  • Inventor
  • HiCAD
  • Autocad

The strength calculations as well as the stress-analyses are executed by our own skilled engineers, and are made by the program Scia Engineering according to the latest Eurocodes.

You as a customer would like to know how a 3D visualisation of your project will look like?  No problem, the programmes Inventor and Pro-Engineer don’t have any limitations in this task.  With the 3 dimensional simulations, you have a realistic vision of how your project will function in reality, and which optimisations still can be executed before giving your final approval.

When the right data will be not available for the moment, GCM can execute also on site a 3D scan with his own 3D scanner.

With this technology millions of pixels will create a picture of your installation. This information can be used for the right dimensioned design of your new to build installation or for the maintenance on your current installation when the right drawings will be no longer available.

With this scanner we can reach a distance of 270 Meters.