GCM, your partner in Maintenance services 24/7

Maintenance is one of the key activities within GCM. These maintenance activities will be taken place 24/7 in a varied number of industries like: 

  • Steel industry 
  • Petrochemical industry 
  • Paper industry 
  • Cement industry 
  • Food industry 
  • Cement mixing and block making industry 

Our maintenance department covers all. The mechanical part, the electrical part and service inspections on site.

Mechanical and electrical maintenance activities

Both for our mechanical and electrical maintenance activities GCM can be reached 24/7. A full educated and skilled team of good technical workers are daily present at your service for the execution of a wide range of variety in maintenance activities in a different types of industries.

Service inspecties

Keeping your installations in good condition starts often with a regular check on to these. GCM is offering a wide range of variety for these service inspections for your installations. All custom made on your demand and needs. These inspections can be made on all your equipment like belt conveyors, dedusting- and high vacuum installations and silo’s including the top part with silo safety equipment, filling device and bottom part including cone, butterfly valve and screw conveyor. 

After the inspection a full report of this will be made and when some action will be required we will report this as well including a quotation for the repair of this. This report can be given to authorities as well to be proven that the installations will be checked by an external company on a regular base. 

With some clients we also keep stock of spare parts for quick response for repair when a part comes in malfunctioning, or this part can be immediately changed when during the inspection it was found to be broken. 

GCM offers also full service maintenance contracts with your installations. With this type of contracts your operational costs can be much better controlled. As a result your Total Costs of Ownership stays in a better control for a longer period of time.

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Mechanical work

Electrical work

Maintenance & inspections